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6 Cs of Nursing

When you are in nursing, there are 6 Cs that you need to take into consideration. This blog will cover all the things you need to know about the 6 Cs of nursing. 

The 6 Cs are

  1. Care

  2. Compassion

  3. Courage

  4. Communication

  5. Commitment

  6. Competence

These are not only vital for someone working within the care industry but can also be adapted to all aspects of a person's life. Let's understand it in-depth and see the importance of them. 

Understanding the 6 Cs

 Let's understand the 6 C's of nursing a little better. 

  1. Care is the first C; Care is defined as the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something. The primary duty of the nurse is to care for the patient. Amongst all the C's this is the most important.   

  2. Compassion is defined as sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. The career needs to show compassion and understanding to their patients.

  3. Courage is having strength in the face of pain or grief, not only for yourself but also for the patient. The career will need the courage to treat the patient after what they have been through. 

  4. Communication is a vital attribute that is needed, whether it be nursing or any other profession. Without proper communication, nothing can be achieved. So, this is important, especially when it comes to nursing. 

  5. Commitment towards the task at and your role as a carer no matter how challenging is vital. The job of a carer is not easy, and you need to commit yourself to the work and provide the best care you can offer

  6. Competence goes without saying, you should be able to carry out the tasks presented to you and be fully trained to do so. 

All these combined will make you a better care provider. 

The Importance of 6 Cs

The importance starts with basic behaviour. All the six things mentioned here are designed for you to feel empathy towards the client. Being a carer, you will need to make sure that the client is treated appropriately dependent on his or her needs.

Final Words

To conclude, this was all about the 6 Cs of nursing and why you need it. These are the core values that will help you to be the best carer. Make sure you learn and practise all these values. 

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1 Comment

Sayem Ahmed kosru
Sayem Ahmed kosru
Aug 23, 2022

I found this blog so amazing. So much information, and it’s all so well organized. . This is going to be a valuable resource for me. Thank you so much for creating it! Read another amazing blog :

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